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Tours for Colleges and Universities

Plan a guided tour of our renowned collection or special exhibitions, or take a thematic journey through our galleries. Led by our educators, these hour-long sessions are specifically designed to meet the academic needs of college and university students. The tours use object-based inquiry and close looking to create learning opportunities outside the classroom.

Request a guided tour for your academic group at least three weeks in advance. We will reply within two weeks. We offer guided tours Wednesday–Friday during Museum hours (11 am–6 pm).

If you wish to lead your own group tour, email Specify the date and time you would like to visit, the number of students and staff who will be visiting, and which collection or exhibition you would like to see.

Pricing for guided tours: The pricing below applies to tours of our collections and ticketed exhibitions, as well as any of our thematic tour options, for up to 20 students. Costs cover general admission, ticketed exhibitions, and guided experiences. Arrangements for self-guided tours must be made separately by emailing

  • CUNY and SUNY: $60 
  • Public colleges and universities: $150
  • Private colleges and universities: $225


Arts of Africa Our Arts of Africa collection is currently undergoing conservation and is not available for tours.

Arts of Ancient Egypt See how the artworks of ancient Egypt reflect its geography, beliefs, and sociopolitical systems.

Arts of the Ancient World Interpret and analyze artifacts to compare the social and cultural values, beliefs, and traditions of ancient cultures and societies. 

Arts of the Americas Learn about the historical and contemporary practices of Indigenous artists across the Americas.

Arts of Asia Explore our pioneering collection of Asian art, representing Japan, Korea, China, India, Southeast Asia, and the Himalayas.

Arts of the Islamic World Delve into our collection of Islamic art that spans 13 centuries and represents a variety of regions, from Spain to India and Central Asia to North Africa.

Arts of the United States Investigate the history of the United States and its many groups, including Native Americans, enslaved Africans, and European colonizers and immigrants, as well as their descendants.

The Dinner Party by Judy Chicago Explore the legacy and impact of Judy Chicago’s seminal work The Dinner Party (1974–79) within both feminist art and women’s movements, past and present.


Tour one of our dynamic and thought-provoking special exhibitions with a museum educator.


Activism and Art Discover how art has been used to construct identity and contribute to social movements such as civil rights, feminism, and climate change. 

Art and the Environment Explore the ways in which artists draw on natural and urban environments to dialogue with issues of industrialization, globalization, and place.

Art and Writing Investigate the creative and critical aspects of art and writing to address their descriptive, reflective, and analytical possibilities. Consider ways that writing has been used as a visual and narrative art form across cultures and centuries.

Careers in Art Museums Analyze our exhibitions through the lens of the multiple professional roles that contribute to their execution.

Curatorial Choices Investigate the curatorial choices in our American and European galleries that expand the canon and challenge dominant narratives.

Methods of Inquiry in an Art Museum Experience different methods for observing, analyzing, and interpreting works of art, and connect these approaches to methodologies across disciplines.